We believe innovation can come from anyone, which is one key reasons we wrote Naked Innovation. The book has been used around the world by the Fortune 500, leading academic institutions and government agencies in the US and overseas. We’re looking to write an update so we’ve redesigned this website to do two things. First, we’re going to give Naked Innovation away, in its current format, chapter to by chapter, completely free. Second, we want you to give us critical feedback to help us make it the best possible innovation primer available.

We’ve now given way the entire book–the introduction and all 13 chapters are yours! If you’ve read the book or a specific chapter, please submit your feedback on what’s working, what could be improved, and suggestions for the best examples to explain concepts. You can learn more about this project in About and make sure to download the entire Naked Innovation book now. You can also navigate to each chapter section, which feature videos introducing the most important concepts of the book and an opportunity for you to give your feedback, in the “Chapters” navigation in the upper right of the top navigation.