The Complete Naked Innovation Now Available for Download and Critique

It has been an exciting couple of months in our experiment giving Naked Innovation away, chapter-by-chapter, in exchange for a crowd-sourced critique. We’ve received some exceptionally thoughtful and useful feedback, which is sure to make the next major version of the book even better. Feedback has come in from across the world, spanning Asia, Europe and the United States. We thank you if you’ve already made suggestions. If you haven’t had an opportunity to download a chapter, or share your thoughts on the innovation process, there is still time!

The single biggest critique for how we were asking for feedback is that we were forcing people to download each chapter individually while people wanted to just read the book end-to-end. We had always intended on offering it in its entirety, and now here it is.

Download a complete PDF, great for iPad or tablet: Naked Innovation

While we’re offering up the book for “free”, we do ask in good faith that you share some critique with us, or at least share our project with your social network. We really want to hear your thoughts to improve our thinking. To do so, you just have to navigate to the chapter you have feedback on (see the Chapters menu in the upper right of the navigation) and submit it there. If you have general feedback on the book itself, or the larger way it is organized, please leave that feedback in the introduction.

What’s next? We’re going to keep this complete download live for the next couple of months, all the while reading your feedback, responding to it, and moving our thinking along. Then, we’ll begin to write up what we heard for each chapter, including what feedback we will integrate, and how. At some point along the way, each chapter will be “closed” for feedback and the ability to download the book for free will end.

That’s where we’ll do a rewrite of the book, and seek to evolve Naked Innovation, and this website, into its next form. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

October 2, 2013: We’re live!

After a collective effort by the team, we’re very happy to see the new spring to life. After a few days of testing, we’ll make some noise and let friends, colleagues–and, well, anybody who will listen–that we’re open for business. It’s a great step forward for this “shared approach for creating value.” We look forward to seeing how this turns out! Thanks to the entire team for making it come together. –Zach and David